Lu Xiaofeng

Lu Xiaofeng [陸小鳳] by Gu Long
Translated by Moinllieon, Foxs, Junny, Ren Wo Xing, with Eliza Bennet editing Book 4.

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About the Author

(All synopsis are taken directly from Wikipedia, reproduced here for the readers’ convenience.)

Lu Xiaofeng is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel series Lu Xiaofeng Series (陸小鳳系列) by Gu Long.

Lu is best identified by his distinctive “Four Eyebrows” (四條眉毛), as he sports two strands of moustache that resemble his eyebrows, making him seem as though he has four eyebrows. He is described as a good-looking and attractive figure to many female admirers in the novels. He is an alcoholic, a flirt and a regular brothel patron.

Lu’s true personality and abilities are actually hidden behind his image of a flirt and alcoholic. He is extremely intelligent and observant like a fox, although it may not seem obvious, which enables him to solve the several mysteries in the series. His wit and cunning has also helped him escape from danger, often turning the tables on his enemies unexpectedly when he is apparently on the losing end. Lu also values friendship and often risks his own life to help his friends when needed.

Lu is best known for his ‘Lingxi Finger’ (靈犀一指), which allows him to catch and hold enemies’ weapons between his fingers. He does not really use any particular weapon and often relies on his bare hands to fight enemies, even when he is being surrounded. Lu is a qinggong expert as well, and although Gu Long did not state explicitly Lu’s qinggong capability in comparison with other characters, Lu is one of the top ten qinggong exponents in the series.

Foxs’ note
Lu Xiaofeng Books 1 thru 3 were translated by Moinllieon and were published on I don’t remember when, because one, it was before I was active translating Wuxia novel, and two, sadly, has been down for several years now. But Moin (re-)posted the first part of Book 3: Before and After the Duel on spcnet June 29, 2004 and the last part on August 12, 2007.

I posted the first part of Book 4: Silver Hook Casino on on May 7, 2009, and the last part of Book 7: Laughter of the Sword God on February 26, 2014, while Junny posted the first part of Book 5: Mansion of Spirits on Dec. 31, 2009, and I finished it up on June 5, 2014.

I have not had a chance to go back and correct all the grammatical errors, typos, etc. so what you see here is exactly as it was posted the first time many years ago.

Book 1: The Golden Roc Empire
Book 2: The Embroidery Bandit
Book 3: Before and After the Duel
Book 4: Silver Hook Casino Alley
Book 5: Mansion of Spirits
Book 6: The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens
Book 7: Laughter of the Sword God

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